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Julian and Bruce Evening

Almost everyone had packed up and returned to their abodes by early evening. A few remained and Bruce and Julian decided to stay overnight at the venue (Wayne’s place).

Julian grabbed his guitar, skilfully played and sang several songs into the night. The smoothness and richness of Julian’s voice is noticeable even though the audio was captured with just a camera microphone.

You will hear a few interjections from a drunken friend. It got more annoying as the evening progressed. About four segments were recorded on the original clip which ran for around 20 minutes. However the interference from the drunken out of sync participant rendered the remainder of the shoot a bit of an embarrassment. Sorry.

In this clip there should have been an earlier camera pan to timely capture Bruce’s scatting but the cameraman was distracted while making an effort to alert the drunk to the fact that we were recording.