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Doug and Tom

Doug flew to the Gold Coast from Sydney then traveled with Tom from Murwillumbah to the reunion venue at Wayne’s place in the hills of Northern NSW. It had been around 40 years since we last saw each other face to face. We needed more time, perhaps another day or two, to catch up on events that had shaped our lives. In hindsight we could comfortably accommodate up to 10 people maybe more at the reunion venue. Read more about accommodation here.

Warm Up Band

Everyone seemed to arrive at around the same time. The equipment was quickly set up. Tom and Wayne had already set up and tested the PA the weekend before. With in twenty minutes or so the warm up group fired up and the surrounding forest rustled along with the music. I think we should all congratulate ourselves for making this event happen. Around twenty entities were able to extract themselves from the daily routines they had forged for themselves over the past 35 to 40 years and come together to celebrate the bond that was created during those wondrous times on the road in the seventies. If you have a video or pics you would like to post on this site then go to the “Upload Media” page by clicking on the Upload Media link in the menu bar at the top of this page.

Cripple Creek

What can we say here? This song is a real foot tapper. Graeme performs a cracking version of this song written by Robbie Robertson of The Band, sung by the drummer Levon Helm and released in 1969. We could change the lyrics to “Up on Websters Creek”. Whoops I just had a flashback to a Chinese restaurant in Coffs Harbor. I wonder what Ray Brown is up to. I could watch this video many times and still enjoy it. Frankly I prefer Graeme’s version. It just seems to move your body and sole, more. What a great day it was at “the creek”. Discuss another reunion in 2017.

Lyrics: Up On Cripple Creek


This video is a compilation of several shoots made during the reunion gig at Wayne’s. We didn’t have a song list or schedule of what was to follow hence some songs like the Hi-Revving Tongues hit “Rain and Tears” were shot in bits and pieces probably because the cameraman was taking a break or swapping SD cards. If we come together for another reunion in March 2017 we will try to persuade the bands to prepare song lists and maybe rough cue sheets. There will be accommodation available at the venue and close to the venue. Click here to join the 2017 reunion discussion.

The Shape I’m In

Can anyone comment on this video? During the seventies Caboose toured Australia from Adelaide to Darwin. This song was played nightly. They were the frugal days when we learned how to survive on a mug of muesli, a lid of lentils, tempting thighs and herbal wraps. We were all in good shape.

The Last Gig

In 1972 Caboose performed their last gig at the Coolangatta Hotel on the Gold Coast. Doug Smith was the lead vocalist at that time. The band was accompanied by a light show which included slide projectors, effects projectors, kaleidoscopes, epidiascopes (overhead projectors) strobe lights, mirror balls and spot lights manually operated by Wayne and his lady Edwina.

Gobbles Night Club Coolangatta Hotel

Gobbles Night Club Coolangatta Hotel

It was Bruce’s idea to have all the band members including those from the Hi-Revving Tongues meet at the Coolangatta Hotel on May 3rd 2014.
Below are some of the pics taken at the Caboose Hi-Revving Tongues reunion dinner. Just click on any pic to enlarge it.