Standin’ on Shaky Ground

This is a classic example of how a four piece band might sound with one member down. The band starts playing without Michael (lead guitarist). Hang in there because he soon makes up for his absence. Around the halfway point at about 03:30, Michael plugs in, gets into gear and nails it with a brilliant guitar solo. Ken is still pumping out a strong vocal just like he was 35 years ago. Or was it 40 years ago? Tom pops in for a few seconds to tweak the PA.

Music has been the medicine that has kept our brains young. If you want to keep your brain fit throughout the aging process then listening to or playing music can provide a total brain workout. Four very fit brains on stage here. The day didn’t seem to last long enough. Let’s have another one in 2017 before any of us fall off the perch. Want to join the next reunion discussion? Go to the FORUM.

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